Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Long Haul! Bush Camp to Nullarbor Road House

Sleep was interrupted by the loud rumble of road trains last night.

Set off at 6.30am on the deserted highway and into a strong headwind.

30 mins later, a hundred plus Rebel bikers roared past at great speed – riding several abreast across theroad.  We heard them before we saw them and leapt off the road smartly. Watched the procession scream past.

Made such slow progress, it was touch and go whether we’d reach Nullarbor Road House before nightfall.
Decided not to get off the bikes for our usual morning tea and lunch break. Instead we ate astride the bikes and were off on the road again as quickly as we could. No sight seeing for us today! It was head down, bottom up all the way!

As the day progressed, my need for comfort stops became more frequent, as the pressure from my seat was becoming more and more uncomfortable with every kilometre.

Crawled into the Nullarbor Road House as night fell – 5.45pm.

We needed a good shower and  sleep, so took a modest motel unit - $149!!!
I was ready to collapse into bed, but Del insisted that we do our chores, washing etc first.
Little in the way of stores here but we’ll need to restock for our camp out tomorrow.
Discovered that we have network coverage so dropped a quick text to the family.

Had hamburgers for dinner and downed a bottle of Jacob’s Creek - $30!!  Everything’s so expensive in the road houses!

We were out like a light as soon as our heads hit the pillows!

Did 138kms today - and in a head wind!!!

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