Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sudden Change of Plan! Mundrabilla - 50kms East of Border Village

Had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and off by 6.45am.
Overcast with another westerly tail wind. Pretty flat most of the way then a short, steep climb up to the Eucla Road House.
Surprised to discover that the accommodation there was totally booked out - by the police, who were following a large contingent of Rebel Bikie Gang members staying at Border Village.  


On arrival at Border Village, we found that accommodation there was also booked out - by the Rebels! We grabbed a few emergency  food items. We were obviously going to need them.

As we were going to tent anyway, we decided to make some ground towards the Nullarbor Road House which was 186kms away! We'd cycle until we found a suitable tent spot by the roadside.

The road took us along the coast. Lovely views of the beach and surf. 
Since the border, there's been no road kill - though the signs remain!! Must have a clean up gang in SA.

From 4.00pm, it was urgent that we look out for a suitable tent site. The area was generally low lying scrub, but about 40 kms east of Border Village we spotted a patch of bushes.
Del did a quick recci, stamped on the ground to scare away any snakes, then the tent was up in no time.
The spot here is perfect - soft ground - protected - hidden from the road - quiet - much better than any of the tent sites in the caravan parks.

It's ham and cheese sandwiches and custard pies for tea tonight!

Did 120kms today.  Del tells me that we've just ticked over 2000kms in total! 

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