Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wind assisted! Norseman to Fraser Range Station

A 6.30am start - and a tail wind all the way! Made great progress, covering 80kms by midday.

Scrub with signs of recent bush fires and regenerating undergrowth for much of the way. 

Local councils have planted grasses and young eucalypts on the verges to prevent erosion.           
                                                                                Around 75kms from Norseman is a 24hr free camping park complete with composting toilet, BBQ tables and fire pits.
We had lunch there but had planned to make it to Fraser Range Station Caravan Park, 25kms further.    

 A group of 3 young cyclists with a variety of trailers caught up with us on the road.
They were doing the round trip Darwin to Darwin, free camping where ever they could and carrying all the food they needed for the Nullarbor crossing plus 10 litres of water each!

Also caught up with a 67 yr old man from Sydney who was cycling round Australia. He was collecting money for a charity involved with locating and removing land mines in Laos.
He'd joined the young guys in Norseman, though they seemed happy enough to take off by themselves, and he was cycling alone.

Grahame and Chris spotted us en route and 
flagged us down to farewell us and exchange e-mail addresses.

Fraser Range Station describes itself as a sheep station.
Its 445,000 acres was once a thriving merino farm, but over the years, it has been overfarmed, and in recent years, wild dogs and dingos have decimated the sheep stock and they are few in number. Emus and kangaroos wander freely now.

The caravan park was developed in 2000 to provide additional income and a single golf hole was added as part of the famous Nullarbor Links.

A strong wind was blowing across the caravan park, so we decided to take a double room for the night. It's very basic - a bed, small fridge and a heater. Walls and floor are made of local stone.

We bought a few basic stores from the small shop then wrote our journals and blog by the open fire in the homely rustic kitchen.

Dressed warmly for a chilly night in our stone room.
There were fly traps - full - just outside the door and several cans of fly spray inside. Telling us something, perhaps?

Did 102kms today. No worries! Too easy!!

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