Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Community - Big Heart! Grass Patch

Had a warm night. Slept quite well in spite of the humming generator and crowing roosters.
Both had lovely hot showers and Del was collected at 8.00am by Suzanne as planned.

I decided to stay and mind our gear.

The facilities are immaculate! - toilet block, showers, laundry - even a microwave!
The local community built the small park, hoping to make a little income from overnight stayers.
Large numbers visited the toilets today, but I think that overnighters may be few and far between.
Cement and stones were donated and Suzanne and husband, Dave, made all the lovely pink tinted bricks.
Another local built the block, and with a little help from the WA government, it was finished, complete with washing machine/drier, 8 powered sites for caravans, a small, flat, grassy patch for tents, a permanent gazebo with table and benches, a BBQ and a rainwater tank collecting water from the roof.
At $5 each a night (includes a key to the showers), we certainly can/t complain.

Del arrived home with the wheel fixed plus a couple of extra tools - so he's equipped to do the repair himself next time.

Apparently the wheel was fixed at the bike shop by  midday.  Del had to cool his heels for the rest of the day, with Dean chattering about his life experiences, and Suzanne giving him a tour of Esperance and the local wild flowers. So indebted to those two - and George!

Now we're back on track again!

Cycling resumes tomorrow!

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