Monday, September 3, 2012

Storm clouds a-brewing! - Preston Beach to Bunbury

I was tired yesterday. By the time we reached Preston Beach, my legs were leaden.

Today, after a good night's sleep in our very expensive chalet, I'm ready for another burst.

Left the resort at 7.15am and once we hit the Bunbury Highway, we sailed along with a mainly tail wind. Struck a few showers along the way.
Traffic was hectic. Big road trains screamed past, giving us a wide berth, but covering us in clouds of spray.
Decided to stop every 10kms for a break from the saddle, a swig of water and a brief chat. Cycling in indian file, means communication is limited.
Lots of rubbish on the wayside - obviously thrown from passing vehicles.

Del managed to navigate us across several busy intersections at the approaches to Bunbury - a bit like playing "chicken" - darting across lanes, with trailers in tow, during brief breaks in the traffic.

Just made it to the Bunbury Discovery Caravan Park when the storm broke and the skies opened. Thunder, driving rain, and gale force winds!

We had already decided to take a 2 night break to revitalise, catch up on chores, contact the family by internet and prepare ourselves for some big runs ahead.
Now we'll definitely have to wait until the conditions improve - could be a couple of days or more as sever gale warnings have been issued for this area.

Spent a warm evening in our cabin, heat pump on full, surrounded by wet and damp washing!

Did 64kms today.

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