Monday, September 17, 2012

Esperance - City of Hope!

Had a relaxing day and checked the  Visitor Centre for information re the next stretch - Esperance to Norseman.
Bumped into Graham and Chris again, who helped us work out possible camping sites using the Aussie Campers' Bible - "Camp 6" - a weighty book of maps showing all the free camping areas and caravan parks.

Del invested in a mirror for the bike, some extra bungies and cans of degreaser and lubricant for the bikes.
He spent an hour or so, cleaning them up and preparing them for the next stage.
Calculated our food and water requirements for the next couple of days and bought them at Woolworths.
Del lost a $10 note on the way home, to his dismay. At least it wasn't $100!

On our bikes and heading north tomorrow.

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