Friday, September 14, 2012

Bins and more Bins! Jerramungup to Ravensthorpe

Had a great sleep and got away at 7.00am, a kangaroo and her joey grazing at the park gates.

The route was a continuation of roller coaster hills, rolling out and unfurling like an endless ribbon ahead of us.
A constant head wind made progress heavy going.

Spotted a dead snake and an echidna on the road and a big lizard scuttled across our path.

Large wheat storage silos - called bins - appear at regular intervals along the route.

Rest areas for travellers and those for trucks offer a welcome, though dusty and red, break from the road.

Began to tire by mid afternoon, with lots of stops and walking to recover.

Arrived in Ravensthorpe at 5.15pm, just as the light was fading.

Decided to take a motel room - very run down - for convenience, and I raced over to the local IGA to get dinner and stores before it closed at 6.00pm.

We'll sleep well tonight!

Did 112kms today.

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