Friday, September 7, 2012

Hills, Hills and more Hills! Balingup to Manjimup

Up with the birds this morning. Very chilly. Warm in our sleeping bags but quickly developed numb fingers and toes once up.
Got away at 7.00am to the croaking of frogs and a noisy family of magpies.

The hills hit us immediately!

Bridgetown was 29kms away - and we walked a great deal of it. Long, never ending hills with few downhill breaks.
We later found that just before Bridgetown, we had crossed the highest point of the Darling Scarp - a hilly range that stretches from Perth southwards. By then, with leaden legs, we didn't need much convincing. 18kms of hills!
In Bridgetown, we had a scone and flat white for lunch then wearily battled on to Manjimup.

Found a lovely new caravan park in the centre of town and caught up on our washing and showering. Clean at last!

We have been advised that there are no cafes, stores or watering holes until we get to Walpole - 2 days away!.
We instantly stocked up on food for the next couple of days - tins, dried food, muesli bars.

We'll be roughing it at Shannon National Park tomorrow.

Did 62kms today.

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