Thursday, September 13, 2012

Highway Cop! Wellstead to Jerramungup

A chilly night and early morning! Ate breakfast in the tent - peaches in jelly and creamed rice - packed and got away by 7.15am. Chilly fingers and toes.

Stopped at Boxwood Hill Roadhouse for a snack and coffee. Run by a couple from Birmingham!

Wild flowers and shrubs out along the roadsides - very pretty. Behind them a belt of scrub - and beyond were farms - cattle, sheep and hectares of yellow rape fields.

A young English guy on his tourer stopped for a chat. He'd cycled through Europe, India and Thailand and was making his way from Perth to Sydney! Puts our trip into perspective!

Lots of undulating hills and hollows today. Cycled most but walked a few. We both began to tire by the afternoon - still recovering from yesterday's run.

A police car rounded a bend ahead of us, crossed to our side of the road and stopped.
A stony faced officer got out, and stood in front of the car with his arms crossed. As we approached him, he flagged us down.
He asked for our credentials, then, spotting the trailer signs, remarked "Are you only going to Adelaide?"
We were somewhat miffed as to why he'd stop a couple of oldies on bikes, when suddenly a large contingent of bikies - The Nomad gang -  roared past on their way to Albany! We weren't the centre of interest after all!

Somehow managed to miss lunch today - and suffered for it!
By the time we reached Jerramungup, we were exhausted.

Decided to get a cabin for the night at the town's neat, attractive caravan park.
Did the washing, then took off to the local IGA.
Microwave meals for dinner tonight!

Did 79kms today.

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