Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pressing on to Preston! - Mandurah to Preston Beach

No rain during the night but a heavy dew wet the ends of the tent, so the feet of our sleeping bags and our pillows got a little damp.
Got off to an early start and headed for Preston Beach.

Did the first 20kms through native bush on a cycle track running parallel to the highway. Eventually we took to the road - more direct - less meandering.
Speed limit on the open road is 110kms an hour - big 4 wheel drives and campavans roaring past.
We saw 2 dead kangaroos and a couple of emus darted out of the bush and back again.

Arrived at the Preston Beach turnoff only to find that we still had 10kms to go.

Eventually we arrived, cycle weary after our third day of cycling, and were dismayed to find that the advertised camping ground had closed years ago.
There was only a general store and a new holiday resort complex called "Footprints".
We had no choice other than to try to get a unit for the night.

As we arrived at Reception, a group of around 12 people waiting there greeted us with a round of applause when they saw our "Perth to Adelaide" sign.

Settled into our lovely unit then shot off to buy dinner of fish and chips plus emergency rations for tomorrow from the local store.

Everyone is very curious about out trip.

A hot dinner, TV, a shower and a comfy bed - what more could we ask for!!  Yay!!

Did 64kms today.

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