Thursday, September 20, 2012

An uncomfortable Ride! Grass Patch to Salmon Gums to Norseman

Another warm night - with no dew.
We got away by 7.00am after a breakfast of banana and health bar.

The road was relatively flat and the wind was side on most of the time, turning to a tail wind for much of the afternoon. Very few road trains today - mostly caravaners and a few cars.

I'd developed a painful niggle in the back while at Grass Patch. It developed during the day and became quite painful.

Arrived at Salmon Gums to find a ghost town. Called into the local store - poorly stocked. The lady operator couldn't believe her luck when we rolled up wanting to purchase.
Another traveller joined us. Turned out to be Brett from Epsom (Auckland) who is a writer for "The Lonely Planet". Had 5 weeks to investigate the Perth, Margaret River, Esperance and Kalgoolie areas for another book.

Headed off looking for a suitable camping area. Couldn't find one, so decided to try to get to Norseman before dark.

Followed the railway line, which runs parallel to the highway, all the way to Norseman. 
Trains are extremely long, carrying ore from the mines in the north to the port at Esperance.

Salt lakes of various sizes appear all along the route from Esperance. They appear cloudy and pale blue, with salt crystallising around the edges - dead - no life. Stock refuse to drink from them.

Poor Del had to wait for me to catch up from time to time and agree to frequent stops to ease the pressure of the saddles and my twinging back. Luckily a tail wind helped us along.

Eventually, as twilight fell, we reached Norseman - a small, rough, sleepy town - and took an ensuite cabin in the Gateway Caravan Park. Del bought a microwave dinner at the local Caltex station, while I unpacked.

I was absolutely pooped! An early night for me!

Did 126 kms today.

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