Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Road Trains! Denmark to Albany

The tent stood up to last night's rain well, but we decided to do our morning pack in the communal kitchen to avoid getting our gear wet.
Shared the area with a couple of dozen teenagers who were on a kayaking trip down the Denmark River.

Got away soon after 7.00am.

Apart from a few small hills early on, the terrain was mainly flat and we had a tail wind.
Made excellent time, arriving in Albany around 11.45am.

As all the campsites were out of town, we decided to take a motel unit for the night at the Best Western.
Hung the tent and fly on the washing line to dry, worked out food requirements for the next few days and stocked up at the local IGA.
Del bought a small backpack for carrying extra water if needed.

The next few days, en route to Esperance, will be challenging.
Longer cycling distances, no food stores along the way, and no official camp sites in some areas.

Experienced large road trains today as we approached Albany.
Big brutes with 66 wheels, "Road Train" emblazoned front and back, and careering past like trains. Quickly learned to get off the road when we heard them coming!

Albany is built on a hillside with road trains tracking to and from the port.

Tonight we'll be enjoying the luxury of a comfortable bed, TV and a private bathroom!

What on earth do we have in store tomorrow night!!

Did 56kms today.

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