Friday, September 21, 2012

Gold in them there Hills! - Norseman

Had a wonderful night's sleep. My back twinge seems much improved by it.

Decided to take a break, stay a second night and plan the next stage of the trip.

Walked into town to buy stores from a well stocked IGA and a bottle of red for tonight. Then called into the Visitor Centre.

Later we went for a short cycle to check out our surroundings and our exit route for tomorrow.

150 years ago, so the story goes, a horse called Hardy Norseman, pawed the ground and revealed a gold nugget. A  gold rush followed. The town was called Norseman and became a mining mecca.

The gold mine closed down in 1974 leaving a big, grey "cliff face" overlooking the town - a man made heap of gold mining tailings.

The town has changed little since then - old shops with metal grilles - small, run down houses with unkept gardens, many for sale - streets with wide, bare, dusty verges. Found locals a little odd looking,too.

Spent some time planning the trip and stopovers from Norseman to Eucla.
Looks like we'll have a tail wind, but the first few days could be hilly.

Looking forward to it all.

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