Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the Straight and Narrow! 24 hr Rest Area to Caiguna

A mild night. It's light around 5.00am, so we made the most of it and got away at 6.45am.
Yay! A tail wind at last!
91 Mile Straight seems never ending - each new stretch same as the last! The road stretches to the horizon in both directions. Oncoming traffic appears as a dot and takes forever to reach you.


Still getting encouraging toots and waves from passers by.

Road kill seems more prolific than ever! Body after body! So sad! 
There were many lizards, too, lying stomach upwards on the road.

Scenery changed frequently today, from scattered small trees and bluish shrubs, to almost tree less areas covered with grey, rough grass. 
Disappointed to find no wild flowers in bloom, as we had been told there would be.

Reached Caiguna Road House by 11.30am and decided to take a cabin. The cabin door bears the message "Please keep doors closed to keep snakes out. All snakes in this area are poisonous."

After midday, the westerly wind became strong and blustery, blowing the red soil in clouds. It was getting hot, too. Glad we'd escaped it all.

The road house is small but welcoming, with a restaurant, bar and a few basic stores - but the advertised internet cafe was inoperative!  
Had no mobile reception for several days, so decided to buy a phone card and ring our daughter, Julie. She'll text our progress to the rest of the family, Simon and Kim.
Bought sandwiches for lunch and some stores - but so expensive!

By 3.30pm, we've showered, shopped, phoned, written our logs and had a very expensive brandy and ginger!
Time for a lie down - door shut - listening to the crows' sing-song call and the warm westerly wind howling through the trees. 

Did 67kms today.

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