Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hello Sunshine! Ravensthorpe to Munglinup

Off early as usual. Lovely weather - hot and sunny.
More scrub flanking the roads now. Hearing more birds, too - probably feeling threatened as the scrub offers less cover than the forests.
Lovely wild flowers everywhere.
Hectares of wheat and canola plantations, with a "bin" at the edge of every hamlet. 

Navigated around several dead echidnas and an emu and, at one stage, a 5 foot snake slithered across the road.
Del was keen to cover as much mileage as we could today, but I insisted that the trip to Munglinup was enough. 

Opposite the Munglinup Roadhouse is a parking area with toilets which is available for overnight stays. 
We have a table and seats, water and toilets right next door to our tent. What more could we ask for?

Two caravans are also staying the night.
After our evening meal, Graham and Chris from North Sydney invited us to join them for a wine.

Made our day!

Did 79kms today

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