Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gradually picking up the kms! - Freemantle to Mandurah

More rain during the night. The ends of our mattresses and sleeping bags got wet - otherwise all good. Our first night under canvas. Up at 5.30am after a fitful sleep.

Lovely fresh fruit salad and yogurt for breakfast accompanied by a cacophony of bird song.

Off to Mandurah today via Rockingham -  partially on cycle paths but eventually on the main highway which was considerably faster.

Heavy traffic but all giving us a wide berth.
We're extremely visible in our yellow fluoro shirts and trailer flags. Roads are wide with a good cycling shoulder so far.
110kms speed limit so big trucks and trailers (44 wheelers), 4WDs and powerful V8s and pick ups hurtling past, but no danger as long as we keep well to the left of our cycle lane.

Temperatures around 19 degrees with frequent showers.
Trucks send up showers of spray and grit every time they pass and our own rear tyres spray our backs with muddy water.

The route to Rockingham was via the coast road - very pretty and lined with expensive houses.
Later the road took us through an industrial area.
Loads of rubbish on verges and metal objects (rusting bolts, wire etc,) on the cycleway.

Mandurah is a picturesque town - similar to Taupo - with cafes etc around the esplanade.

The camp ground here has no kitchen facilities, so after setting up camp, we walked to Woolworths where we stocked up for breakfast and snacks for tomorrow.

Had a celebration dinner at The Dome restaurant and wrote our journals and blog there as the light faded.
Weather forecast for tomorrow is good so we shouldn't be bothered with rain tonight.
Lights are sparkling on the harbour and we're feeling exhausted, but very content with the trip so far - perhaps a little intoxicated too, thanks to a tasty merlot!
It's our daughter Julie's birthday today. Happy birthday, Jules. Thinking of you. XX

Did 64kms today.

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