Monday, September 24, 2012

91 Mile Straight! Balladonia to 24hr Rest Area

Another rain less night!. Packed early and had breakfast at the Road House. Had ham and tomato toasted sammies and ordered 2 filled rolls to take away for lunch. $41!!! Had to wait 30 mins, too, but still got away by 7.00am.
Easy riding with a NW side wind. Began the 91 Mile Straight today!

Apart from usual road kill every couple of hundred metres (usually young roos in various stages of decomposition), we came across a fully grown camel on the wayside.

It was heaving with maggots and shrouded in a black cloud of flies.

En route, Del was plagued by biting "horse" flies - big, lazy, grey/black brutes that appeared from nowhere. Didn't let clothing get in their way either. Kept settling on Del's legs and rump and piercing his skin. Eventually he stopped, got a switch from the bush and killed them, taking great delight in feeding them to the ever present and always hungry ants.

Dawn, a woman we had met at last night's camp, drove past and took photos of us on her phone and sent them to us.

There were a couple of 24 hr rest areas between Balladonia and Caiguna. We decided, rather than camp alone in the bush, to head for the furthest one, 112kms away.
Eventually arrived at 4.00pm, after multiple "comfort stops" to ease the pressure of the saddle.
Set up camp. No grass to be found now. The tent goes down on dry, red, stony soil. Try to clear away the stones a little, but cover everything in red dust as a result.
Then Del discovered another broken spoke - in his front wheel this time. Insisted on fixing the problem immediately. It was nearly 6.00pm when he finished, so we ate our dinner of tinned meat and veges - cold - and in rapidly diminishing light.
By now 6 or 8 caravans and campervans had settled in for the night.
A quick visit to the rustic, much used composting toilet - a splash of water on the face - then we were ready for bed. But not before gazing at a glorious, red, Nullarbor sunset.

Did 112kms today.

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