Sunday, September 23, 2012

An interesting couple! Fraser Range Station to Balladonia

A comfortable night! Had breakfast in the kitchen, which was still warm from last night's fire.

As we left, the galahs went berserk when they spotted our fluoro shirts.
Cycled 2kms of unsealed road to the highway. Kangaroos leapt across our path.

No tail wind but we still managed to make good time.

At around 25kms we were flagged down by a couple parked on the roadside with a ute and a caravan, and invited for coffee.
Around our age, Alan (living in his caravan since retirement) and June (who'd just joined him for a couple of weeks) treated us to plunger coffee, cheese and crackers, while we heard their stories.

June was a passionate "Greenie". 
Spent several months volunteering in East Timor 7 years ago, and returned determined to make Australia a better place for her grandchildren.
She's taken part in marches, protests, etc and has been arrested a couple of times.
She's very supportive of "our indigenous people" and is passionately opposed to the government's proposed plans to put down hundreds of wells in W.A. to extract coal gas by fracking.

She's made several major walks - Geneva to Brussels and walks within Australia - to support her cause. A gutsy granny!  

In spite of spending some time with June and Alan, we still managed to get to Balladonia Roadhouse before 2.00pm. Road trains were queueing up for diesel.

Lovely staff behind the counter - English students on working holiday, I'd guess.
Not much in the way of food stores, but a cafe and restaurant provides light meals, takeaways and more substantial meals.

The camp ground is grassless, hard and stony, but we cleared a spot right next to a BBQ table and the toilet block.
Fish and Chips tonight! Hopefully we'll get breakfast here, too, and get a filled roll for lunch tomorrow.

Did 88kms today.  

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