Monday, September 10, 2012

Hippy! Hippy Hooray! Walpole to Denmark

Got away at 7.15am. More roller coasters today but a little less walking thankfully.

Cycled through national parkland, stopping off at our first roadhouse - Bow Bridge - for a muffin and coffee.

Hills became more manageable from here and forests gave way to farmland.

Along the South Western Highway are innumerable decorated crosses dedicated to crash victims. Judging by the names and dates, mainly young men and boys.

We were warned about the hill leading into Denmark. Walked most of it but were rewarded with a great downhill run into town.

Passed retreat after retreat. The area is very much alternative lifestyle, with craftsmen, potters, painters etc selling their wares.

The town is pretty and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere about it.

Visited the "i" Centre, bought stores then headed for the Rivermouth Caravan park.
The park is in a beautiful situation, at the junction of the River Denmark and the sea.
We were told by an old rastafarian "hippie" at the Caravan Park, that the residents of Denmark were all ex-hippies.

Bob, the "hippie", a permanent resident of the park, with thinning dreadlocks, rasta striped beanie and two dogs called Marley and Ziggy, warned us to pitch the tent on high ground as rain was forecast.
We took his advice. And rain it did!

We've been advised to take the old Denmark Road to Albany tomorrow - more scenic and less traffic apparently.

Did 67kms today.

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