Friday, September 28, 2012

Hampton Tablelands! Madura to Mundrabilla

Rained last night, so pleased to have been in our tilting cabin! Slept well and away by 6.30am.

Bought a couple of ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches last night, and kept them in the tiny fridge for lunch today. They were still surprisingly fresh and tasty by the time we devoured them.

Had a strong, westerly tail wind all day allowing us to pedal relatively effortlessly at 22kms an hour.
From Madura, we followed a flat straight road running below the steep slopes of the Hampton Tablelands. The lower region was apparently sea in the Myocene Period, but now is flat as a pancake and covered in low lying scrub.

Less road kill today. 
Spotted a family of kangaroos nearby. So nice to see them bound away instead of being mutilated bodies adorning the roadside. It's a worry when one becomes so used to seeing these carcasses that one only registers when there are fewer than usual!

Mundrabilla Road House is even smaller than the others. There's a restaurant, bar, chiller with soft drinks and a few sweet treats - but no food supplies at all.

Arrived at 1.30pm. Decided to take a budget cabin again, though later, we checked out the caravan park and could have camped there at a pinch.
The budget rooms are very basic, but there's usually enough room to get our trailers inside and sometimes our bikes, too.

Did 115kms today.

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