Monday, October 1, 2012

Pesky Flies! Nullarbor Road House to Rest Area near Yalata

Allowed ourselves a sleep in - a first!
Had delicious tinned peaches and toasted raisin bread with cappuccino for breakfast in the restaurant.
Ordered sandwiches  to take away for lunch and some plain rolls to go with our sardines for dinner.

Left around 9.30am. Weather was fine and the wind had lessened considerably.

We were attacked by "horse " flies (bush flies) most of the way. They drill through your clothes.
They seem to suddenly appear and make a beeline for us - especially Del - and happily travel with you, in spite of the wind, and aim for your legs or the seat of your cycle knicks. What a nuisance!

The area was flat and easy, with no trees or shrubs for 20 kms.

Then the hills began and, with them, the appearance of shrubs and small trees.

We'd been warned not to stop at Yalata because of a few dodgy characters there. 
Just 21kms west of Yalata, we came across a parking area with trees and shade, and decided to camp there for the night. Found a nice, concealed spot amongst the bushes.
Hoards of small flies swarmed around us as we set up camp. Couldn't get into the tent fast enough to get away from them! They disappeared as night fell and a family of magpies joined us for dinner.

Did 70 kms today.

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