Friday, October 12, 2012

We Made It! Port Wakefield to Adelaide

Weather was overcast today but we're excited about the day ahead.
Began the journey on a wide cycle lane that petered out after 30 kms.
Then we were midst heavy traffic, all shapes and sizes, heading for Adelaide.

As we approached the city, we had to make several nerve wracking negotiations of intersections - sometimes walking (sometimes racing) our bikes and trailers over islands etc to get into the right lane.

As we cycled into the city, cars tooted, passengers waived and called out their congratulations, and cyclists joined in.

Once in the city, Del was determined to get to the "i" Centre to get a city map and directions to our hotel.
After advice from several folk, we walked our bikes to Rundle Mall and the "i"  Centre.

While Del was inside, I minded the bikes and trailers.
A young student and an older man stopped and quizzed me about the trip, full of awe and genuine interest.

Map in hand, Del led me as we cycled through the city centre to the Chifley Motel in South terrace, arriving there at 4.00pm.

We'd done it! Challenge accomplished! Feeling on top of the world!

A summary of the trip:
*3072 kms from Perth to Adelaide
*43 days start to finish
*37 cycling days
*Average daily mileage - 83kms
*11 days of 100+kms
*Longest distance in one day 138kms (Bush camp 45kms east of Border Village to Nullarbor Road House)

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