Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Flat! Minnepa to Lock

 A warm night and overcast morning. left soon after 6.00am.
Gently undulating road and a slight tail wind made for good speed.

Typical of this wheat growing area, each town or village is heralded by large, white grain silos, The railway line runs parallel to the road, and each village is just off the main road, the other side of the railway line.

Del noticed that his trailer tyre was looking a little flat. Quickly changed the inner tube and will patch the punctured one when we stop for the night.

Stopped at Wudinna for a coffee and cake and discovered that we were an hour behind, timewise! They'd had daylight saving two days earlier. We're now 2.5 hrs behind NZ!

At Kyancutta, we left the Eyre Highway and took the quieter Todd Highway to Lock.
Another quiet little town - a hotel/motel, IGA, gas station and caravan park.

Took a cheap motel room at the back of the hotel - very tiny and barely enough room to swing a cat!
No cooking facilities, table or chairs, so will have dinner at the pub tonight

Did 105 kms today.

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