Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Rude Awakening! Bush Camp to Nundroo

Another warm night and fine morning.
Were awakened at around 4.30am with cars revving and banging in the parking area. Concluded that it was probably local aborigines raiding the rubbish bins for plastic bottles. The lids offered 10 cents for each bottle returned for recycling. 
We were a little nervous and dressed promptly. Eventually both cars left and we discovered that rubbish had been taken out of the bins and strewn over the parking area.

We had a "Go Natural" bar and water for breakfast. we're now out of food. Water is ok, though.

Immediately on leaving the camp, we had a 2.5 kms hill to climb, which led on to a roller coaster of smaller hills. A bit nervous as we cycled past Yalata, but no problem.
After Yalata, the bush thinned out and there were signs of farms and cultivation.

As the sun came out, so did the flies, covering our backs and attaching themselves to every moist surface. Our fluoro shirts seem to attract them. We smothered ourselves with Bushman and wore our head nets which were immediately effective.

Saw wombats for the first time - all road kill - as we approached Nundroo. It's a wombat sanctuary, but it's a wonder that there are any left to protect.

Cycling was relatively easy today, but Del and I felt energy less and lack lustre.
Arrived at Nundroo around 1.30pm

Disappointed to find no stores to replenish our stock, but will improvise - cold sausage rolls and hard boiled eggs for breakfast, sandwiches (made tonight in the restaurant) for lunch, and Snickers bars for morning tea tomorrow. Meanwhile having Beef Schnitzel for dinner.

Took a budget room ($90), washed our clothes and had a fabulous shower!

Did 72 kms today.

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