Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nearly There! Wallaroo to Port Wakefield

Poured during the night.
Weather was calm, but grey, overcast and chilly when we set off at 7.15am.
Didn't take long for the wind to come up - a blustery, strong head wind.

Stopped for breakfast at Kardina - a delicious, freshly made vegetable quiche and a muffin.
Kardina is surprisingly big, with light industrial areas and homes sprawled around an attractive, compact shopping area.

Began to rain soon after leaving Kardina, We were quickly soaked - from rain and gritty, road spray thrown up by passing traffic.
Traffic was busy, with heavy trucks passing in both directions.

The chill factor from the biting head wind gave us numb fingers and toes. Gear changes became difficult. Water thrown up by Del's trailer wheel filled my shoes!

Stopped at a small store/cafe in an old stone church, to buy hot coffee and thaw out.

Cycled long, low hills - but the head wind slowed progress.
Even the down hill ride to Port Wakefield, with a strong wind persistently in our faces, was slow and laborious. Even had to pedal strongly in low gear to progress DOWN HILL!!

Finally arrived at Port Wakefield and took a unit at the Port Wakefield Motel.
Grabbed a sandwich lunch at the bakery next door and microwave dinners from the General Store nearby.

Just heard on TV that the Adelaide Hills got a dusting of snow!
Hoping the wind changes direction by tomorrow, so that we can have an enjoyable run  to Adelaide.

Did 62 hard earned kms today!

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