Thursday, October 4, 2012

Civilisation at last! Penong to Ceduna

A hot night! I was plagued by cramps and didn't sleep very well.
Another sunny day. Got away at 6.30am. Hoped to avoid the heat of the afternoon.
A fabulous tail wind for most of the day.

Power lines, fences and extensive fields of wheat and coarse grazing grass have replaced the bush.
By 8.30am the flies had discovered us, so head nets were donned. Each time we stopped, we were immediately bombarded with by thick swarms of flies.

All traffic is required to stop at a quarantine checkpoint at the entrance to Ceduna. No fresh fruit, vegetables or plant material is allowed to be taken past the check point - a fruit fly control procedure.
A very casual, cheery greeting from the attendant and you're on your way. We'd expected a thorough trailer check!

Ceduna is an attractive little town by the sea. Lots of holiday makers and children (it's school holidays) - and more aborigines than we've seen to date.

Staying in a cabin in a lovely caravan park, right on the foreshore.
Bought stores at our first supermarket since Norseman. Prices much more reasonable.
Bought a bottle of Jacobs Creek for $10.99. The same bottle has cost us from $25 to $30 in the Nullarbor road houses!

From the Best Western Hotel/Motel internet cafe, we sent e-mails to the family. On the way out, we saw that the pokies room was full of aborigines trying their luck. Previously we'd seen many of them sitting on the pavement or hanging in groups on street corners.



After some sight seeing, we went back to our cabin, did some washing and planned the next stage of our trip.

Feeling very satisfied with our achievement so far.

Did 72 kms today

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