Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nearing Plain's End! Nundroo to Penong

Got away by 6.30am - a fine morning and windless start.

Lots of recently deceased wombats on the road as well as pushmepullyou lizards and snakes.

The rolling terrain made going more difficult as a northerly wind developed. Very gusty in places.
More fenced areas, homesteads and signs of cultivation.

Now wearing our fly nets over our helmets for most of the day to combat the fly nuisance which is pretty constant. Fewer "horse" flies though, as the bush recedes.

Temperature forecast at 30 degrees C. We're drinking lots of water.

Arrived at Penong around 1.15pm, just missing the intense heat of the day.

Little here -  a school, general store, petrol station, caravan park - and a pub. Everything is very expensive! A gypsum mine is nearby.
Bought basic stores from the run down general store - run by a couple of ex-kiwis. 

Took a cabin (no linen supplied) at the caravan park and had microwaved Butter Chicken and Rice for dinner.

Cyclist tans developing nicely!

Heading for Ceduna tomorrow - the end of the Nullarbor Plain.

Did 78 kms today.

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