Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stormy Crossing! Cleve to Lucky Bay to Wallaroo

Another fine night and chilly morning. Left later than usual as we'd planned a short ride to Cowell today.
We'd been warned that the road to Cowell was hilly, but, with a slight tail wind most of the way, the hills were gentle and we were rewarded with an amazing 12kms downhill run into Cowell township.

Cowell is an attractive town with a busy main street.
Had an early lunch and decided that it was worth continuing on to Lucky Bay  in time to catch the ferry at 4.00pm. I rang ahead and booked the tickets.

No sooner had we'd set off for Lucky Bay, but the weather began to rapidly deteriorate, with greying skies and a gusty side wind.
Arrived at the terminal 3.5 hrs early, only to hear that the ferry might be cancelled because of the rough sea and high winds on the Spencer Gulf.
We waited nervously in the small ticket office and eventually heard that the sailing would go ahead.

Loaded the bikes on to the ferry and tied them down well.
The 2+hr trip was rough! 

Arrived at Wallaroo at 6.30pm - in the dark - cold and hungry.
Must have seen us coming! Insisted that all that there was available was a $120 a night cabin! Turned out to be a family unit! And the park turned out to be half empty!

I raced into the village to get food , while Del settled in. 
Fish and Chips tonight - and a hot shower!

Did 55 kms today - plus a rough sea crossing!

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