Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Relaxing Day in Streaky Bay

Slept in - though still waking at 5.00am! Old habits die hard!
Lazy day today - breakfast out. No cafes open, so had eggs on toast at the petrol station next door.
Streaky Bay is a popular seaside town with a long, jetty and attractive sandy bay - albeit a little rocky in parts. Well named as there are definite dark and light blue streaks in the water.

Has a well stocked IGA and Foodland supermarket.
Bought our stores and walked to the bowling club to watch the action on the first day of pennants.


Used the internet cafe at the local hotel and enjoyed a brandy and ginger on the deck.
Relaxed and enjoyed a movie in our lovely unit, had quiche and salad for tea - and early bed.  
Seen in a shop window. Love the sentiment!

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