Sunday, October 7, 2012

Closed on Sunday! Streaky Bay to Minnipa

On our way by 6.30am and into a head wind for most of the way to Poochera.
Had planned to stay the night there, but it was virtually a ghost town - nothing was open and not a soul anywhere. Poochera's claim to fame is the discovery of a giant, primeval ant there!

Decided to plough on to Minnipa, a further 33kms away.
By afternoon, the wind had subsided and cycling became much easier.
A large pipeline followed, parallel to the road, from Poochera to Minnipa - guessed it was probably carried water. 
We're in The Gawler Ranges region. There are many rock formations, granite "mountains", listed as attractions. Hope we don't have to cycle up any of them!
From Poochera, our route took us back on to the Eyre Highway. Good road surface, more traffic and more road trains!
The region is wheat growing, with vast hectares of it, big sprinklers with wide stretched arms and the 
occasional giant combine harvester.


Reached Minnipa by 2.00pm, but, as with Poochera, we found the town deserted and everything closed - including the hotel. The owner was, we were told, away on a picnic with his family. A local let us into one of the hotel's motel units. We could pay the hotelier when he returned!

No food available anywhere. Looks like we'll be eating our emergency rations tonight - cold baked beans and tinned salmon!
But - we have a comfortable bed, a shower - and a TV! Luxury!

Did 96 kms today.

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